ERCO Greenology® for sustainable lighting

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Light is our contribution to making society and architecture better and, at the same time, preserving our environment. We understand light as the fourth dimension of architecture – and thus as an integral part of sustainable building.

The term ERCO Greenology combines ecological responsibility with technological expertise and is our strategy for sustainable lighting.  Innovation, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability are the four pillars of this strategy.

ERCO is a family business in its third generation.  Thinking in the long term and sustainable behaviour are firmly anchored within our corporate culture and are part of our understanding of environmental, social and corporate governance.  A compliance management system guides our actions.

With ERCO Greenology, we are committed to aligning our luminaire development and production processes to our sustainability goals and to making architecture better through sustainable lighting.

Our sustainability goals are:

1. Offering the most effective lighting tools and methods of lighting in the market

2. A CO2 neutral light factory

3. Expansion of the circular economy

4. Yes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals