BEGA MAGAZINE - Das gute Licht 02|2020

Tradition and Modernity

The Delas Frères winery in Tain-l'Hermitage has its roots back to 1835. The new modern winery with its mighty curved sandstone facade adjoins the restored historic manor house, forming the winery complex with a landscape garden. BEGA luminaires set the scene for this combination of modern and historical architecture. The in-ground luminaires turn the stonewall, which is 80 metres long and up to eight metres high in some places, and its fluted structure into a stage in the truest sense of the word: the unusual architecture creates the impression of an oversized curtain for the observer.

Extraordinary Lighting Design

"Hohlen House" in Dornbirn Austria is a spectacular private home with clean lines and an unusual lighting design. The special connection and continuation between the living area and the covered open spaces is made possible by using luminaires from a single manufacturer - BEGA. The use of the STUDIO LINE series, BEGA's compact downlights, garden and pathway luminaires and floodlights create a well coordinated illumination to the house. 

Smart Lighting Solutions - BEGA Smart system

The desire to have the latest smart home upgrades is definitely on the rise. BEGA Smart system is a holistic control system for indoors and out - not only for new installations, but also for existing buildings.