Unleashing the Power of Light

William Artists, the industry leader in innovative lighting solutions, brings together the revolutionary Casambi Bluetooth lighting control technology and the expertise of ERCO lighting to achieve optimal lighting control and visual comfort. The result is an extraordinary and sustainable lighting experience that will captivate visitors and enhance the museum's exhibits.

M+ Museum, a highly anticipated cultural landmark, aims to showcase and preserve contemporary art, design, and visual culture. It sought to create a visually stunning environment while prioritizing energy efficiency and flexibility.

By embracing the Casambi Bluetooth lighting control technology, William Artists has provided M+ Museum with a wireless lighting control system that offers unparalleled ease of use and precision control. Through the convenience of smartphones or tablets, museum staff can effortlessly adjust lighting settings remotely, creating captivating ambiances and highlighting specific artworks with precision and flexibility. Further, the wireless connectivity eliminates the need for complex wiring installations, seamlessly integrating into the museum's infrastructure. Additionally, Casambi's mesh networking capability enables the creation of a scalable lighting control network, allowing for future expansion and advancements.

For more information about William Artists' cutting-edge lighting solutions, please contact us at

contact us at waal@williamartists.com or 28702288.

Visit M+ Museum to experience the groundbreaking lighting firsthand and be captivated by the beauty of art and technology coming together in perfect harmony.